Multifamily Workers’ Compensation Insurance Program that provides competitively priced insurance with dividends.

  • Designed specifically for the Apartment Owners, Operators, Managers and Developers of Texas
  • Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) allows employers in similar businesses to form Safety Group Programs to help reduce workers’ compensation premiums
  • All Safety Group participants must be a current member of the Texas Apartment Association (TAA).  Once enrolled in the Safety Group Program, all group members are immediately eligible for the 12.3% premium discount and annual dividends. 
  • Contact your Agent for a Quote in the TAA Safety Group Program or Click the Join Now.

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Lower overall premiums based on the group discount of 12.3%


History of Individual and Group Payouts


Industry-specific loss prevention services and access to free employee training through Texas Mutual e-Learning and the Texas Mutual Safety Resource Center


Become a Texas Apartment Association Member and Qualify for Safety Group Dividends.