Get the Most Out of Your Safety Group Membership

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Safety groups allow employers in similar industries to purchase their workers’ compensation coverage as a group.
What’s in it for you?

  • Industry-specific safety resourcesYou have access to thousands of free safety resources and tools, as well as a customized group Web page in the Safety Resource Center at
  • Premium discount. Most groups offer discounts between 10 and 11 percent.
  • Potential dividends.  Policyholders who control their losses may receive a monetary reward in the form of a dividend. Members of a group may also qualify for an additional group dividend if the group has favorable results. *

Do your part:

  • Maintain an effective safety program, and help the group qualify for dividends.
  • Train your employees, prevent accidents and invest in safety.

How to Get your free workplace safety tools:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Safety Resource Center under Quick Links.
  3. Enter your Texas Mutual® online username and password, or click on New User.
  4. From your customized group Web page:
  1. Go to “Just Getting Started with a Safety Program” to select the assessment tool and get a list of safety resources or sample safety programs that address your company’s activities and loss history.
  2. Go to “Free Safety Resources” to access your group safety program, specific resources for your group or the entire resource catalog.
  3. The resource catalog has more than 300 streaming videos. Many are available in Spanish. Other resources include DVDs, videos, PowerPoints and handouts.
  4. Go to “Analyze Your Workplace Injuries” to view common industry hazards, common control strategies and best practices for your group.
  5. You can also review news postings for your group.

*Past dividends are not a guarantee of future dividends. The Texas Department of Insurance must approve all dividends.