Benefits from Being a Member in this Program:

Workers’ Compensation Solutions and Value Propositions

Claims Advocacy, Reviews & Audits Claim experts are available to advocate, protect and advance your interests that determines the claim outcomes. We have long standing relationships with our insurance carriers that allow us to coordinate claims reviews and advocate on your behalf.

Classification Review – Evaluates the class codes of your employees to determine if there are any options for your payroll. We work with underwriters and auditors to make sure class codes are correct in an effort to avoid any costly mistakes.

Experience Modifier Analysis – We will analyze your policy exposure in an effort to manage the activity that affects your Experience Modifier and offer solutions to lower or improve your Modifier.

Loss Control – Proactively monitors your insurance activity to determine patterns, trends, and problem areas, etc. With this information we will coordinate a plan to address the losses and mitigate your exposure.

Return-to-Work Plan – Will work with you to design a RTW program and coordinate the implementation with you and your team that is the result of short-term or long-term disability.

Safety Solutions